House Selling

Am going through it at the moment. Selling and buying, and it just brings you up against a load of services where they JUST WANT YOUR MONEY. Estate Agents who will tell you anything in order to get your business and solicitors who will do nothing unless you get on the phone and scream at them to do their work. Then there's surveyors who are supposed to survey a house but seem to just drive past to make sure the bloody thing exists.

This is not to mention just general people. General decent people seem to become ruthless and conniving when they are selling their house or buying someone else's. When selling ordinary decent people will lie about just about anything in order to sell. And when buying ordinary decent people will go to all sorts of lengths to get you down on the price.

I know that buying and selling houses is meant to be one of the most stressful acts a person performs in their life but I'm not sure it has to be this way. I think it is just down to the way this activity changes ordinary folk that causes it to be so stressful. If we could just be a little more honest with each other then we would surely find the whole process better.

Once the buying and selling has been done, you then come onto the moving. This is where it becomes even more stressful. Getting dates arranged and making sure the completion happens on time, getting a removals company that is available on just the date you need to move. It is all very stressful. Oh god give me strength, I still have this bit to look forward to.