I love following amdram. I know some people find the whole experience of going to an amdram torturous, but I find it enlightening, refreshing and soul cleansing. I have huge admiration for the wonderful players up and down the country who (for no money) put on shows in order to entertain friends, family and local supporters. There are some great on-line resources set up around amateur theatre groups. These include, and all who provide much needed help for amateur drama enthusiasts in getting their shows on stage. I have also just come across who provide a very cost effective way of getting a website.

I would go as far to say I'd rather go to an amateur drama event or show than a professional one. With amdram what you get is raw talent and good fun entertainment. There is an increase these days in amateur comedy events popping up. This is a great development in amdram as I'm sure there must be a wealth of untapped talent out there just needing a stage to show off their talents. That is what is so great about amateur entertainment, that it allows people who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to show what they can do and you never know, follow their dream.